Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Friendster Horoscope for December 17, 2008


The Bottom Line

Put your energy toward people who like you. Stop courting folks you don't get it.

In Detail

You are a friendly person, but you can't be friends with everyone -- and trying to do this will only get you overextended and over-stressed. You should definitely stop wasting all of your energy trying to charm a certain person who just doesn't seem to get where you are coming from. No matter how hard you try to break through and connect with them, they just aren't capable of it. So put your energy toward the people who are more like-minded. Seek out people who deserve your time.

Sometimes... Friendster nyer horoscope really freaks me out... :p so freaking true sometimes =_= but dun get me wrong, I'm just reading them fo entertainment purposes only.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Check Your Sign... Mine is TAURUS

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nuffnang vs. Advertlets vs. Adsense (Wohoo! Nuffnang status back to Glitterati.)

My hands itches to go and cramp my blogspot with Advertlets & Adsense... =_= without properly reading the terms & conds / faq of Nuffnang prior to adding them. Nuffnang crawler was most apt for being able to detect my 12 hours fling with advertlets. Added them in the morning & quickly brought them down in the evening after a brief explaination from a friend. It seems that the crawler crawls within 48 hours or so... automatically to check the status of ur webbies/bloggies and check whether you have any other competitors from South East Asia. If you do then ur back to being a 'non-exclusive' member, without the extra benefits & long queue. Why should your membership status be Glitterati? <-- Yes read that peeps

Nuffnang + Advertlets = Not advisable!
Nuffnang + Adsense = Happy Family!
Advertlets + Adsense = Please Update! hehe

Sunday, November 23, 2008

AIGP @ Sepang - Grand Finale 2008

Racing? erm... Not interested. I mentally noted. I don't see why many people would wanna watch or bother with things such as racing (Please don't bash me *duck* hehe)... Basically you just see people driving, looping around the same track for gazillionth time and that's it. People who know me know that I like to reason & my list of reasons is full of Maybes. So lemme reason with this to make it more optimistic...
  • Maybe the involvement in such event is for the purpose of entertainment, like when you see action, martial art movies (Jet Lee! Jackie Chan... anything) you'll be really excited & coming out of the cinema feeling like you could take down a whole Yakuza mob by yourself sorta like sumthing that triggers your adrenaline rush. *vroom* *vroom* *Vroooooom*.
  • You like to pose for the camera.
One should Dream BIG!
  • You're one of the Pit crews. (Director/Manager/Race Engineer/Race strategist/Data Engineer/Mechanic/Trucky)
  • You're the official cameraman.
  • You have to follow your friends/spouse/family just to accompany them?
  • You're a photographer or a Paparazzi and you wanna practice panning! (Panning who... I dunno)
  • Maybe you've never been to Sepang & this will be your first time watching a live race.
Yes! I'm Here!
  • Your house is basically next to the Sepang Circuit & the entry is free, you just need to print out the online ticket.
  • You're a clown... who entertains people.
  • You're selling foods & beverages...
  • You know you can get CHEAP foods & CHEAPER at the end of the race!
Look only aaa dun touch!
  • EyeCandy time bebeh! Keep em big and round... you're eyes i mean. (No pun intended)
  • You're just a kid! A cute one for that matter! ^0^
  • You're betting $_$
  • You're a Gaijin chillin' on a Sunday...
  • You are so ready to be deaf... because you can't stand to hear your wife/husband yakking all the time. (If no pls bring an ear muff / ear plug... next time)
  • You're a HOT chick, Race Queen...
  • You're a good fella who loves his/her country and this is just one of those events where could flaunt your patriotism spirit to support your nation! (Malaysia Boleh!!)
  • You're a car freak, and everytime you see rare cars around KL area you'll become a monkey! (metaphorically speaking that is...)
It could haf been nicer from another angle but this is nice too!
  • Basically you would like to do all of the above mentioned plus below, snapz some (make that alot) pictures and later mass uploads that on Picasa, Flickr, Fotopages or Photobucket.
  • You just wanna have a damn good time since it's weekends and you have nothing better to do.
Hold on to your water bottle!
  • Womanizer, woman-womanizer
    You're a womanizer
    Oh, womanizer, oh
    You're a womanizer, baby

    You, you, you are
    You, you, you are
    Womanizer, womanizer
She's so Kawaii! ^^ buwhahaha Korie tgn kat mane tuh? =p

As for me... He urged me to go with him for the sake of photography! Oh well, that caught my interest a bit... what the heck! Sundae Sunday Bazaar can wait for another week or so. My so called "enthusiasm" was shared by Momo. See snippet below... =p

Now lets trudge forward ! ! ! (Some Random Shots of the Malaysian Team!)

FYI Malaysian team is yellow... so lets go to the race circuit and give them a lil bit of lovin'!

Our mistake was to not bring any ear plug, didn't know it's gonna be that earsplitting. Bye Sepang, We'll be seeing you again next year Maybe...

p/s - Thanks to Momo + Korie for some of the photos!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

BooK : Fairest [YA]

: Fairest
Author : Gail Carson Levine [Wiki | Harper Collins Children's]
Target Audience : Young Adults
Info : | | Wiki
Based on : Snow White [Wiki]
Rating :

Sorry to disappoint you but I couldn't find neither e-book nor audiobook for this title which drove me mad & alas I have to order from Kinokuniya & waited half a month to finally flip the pages. The ending is kinda happily ever after but not the usual kind that you'll expect. True... external beauty is ephemeral, short-lived, skin deep... beauty differs for everyone, as the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", how very true that is even for me....& the prince o_O woops. Anywayz, this book is not bad, I would even say it's a good read & I got to know more bout Western European women's clothing. =p

You might wonder why the heck is she always reading all these books meant for teen/young adults bla bla... well I love fairy tales and reading em makes me happy! ^^ & I'm a kid at heartz!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kewl Find # BookXcess (read more for less)

Initial purpose of going to AmCorp Mall is to accompany Mr Dino to the Sony Centre Warehouse Clearance. Since it's the last day, all the good apples have been eaten & we're left with the leftover skins and the accompanying Mr. wormies. Well anywayz... that's not the point here! I'm here to kepochi bout' an interesting place I accidentaly discovered while I'm roaming around with my fiance! I couldn't believe my eyes! Excitement meter gone up from 4 bars (meaning partialy excited) to almost 9-10 bars (uber excited... like I can't believe it's butter!). I can't believe places like this ever exist here in KL, first hand books with prices that make you say "Biar betik" or "You gotta be kidding me" or "arghhhhh" or just make your mouth drop with utter disbelieve, your eyes dilate & fill with exhilaration & you just feel like bouncing all over the place... metaphorically speaking that is. hehe. I'm so excited my eyelashes fell down (not that I'm wearing any fake eyelashes... ). I present to you . . . .

read more for less

Check out their website for the prices on books & what books are avail at the moment. Not the latest you could find but who cares! :p Not the latest but they've got quite a selection. Who gonna give you brand spanking NEW books for cheap these days? Give em a try!

p/s - AmCorp mall is also famous for it's flea market every Saturday & Sunday! That's another story

Webby : BookXcess
Location : L3-57, Amcorp Mall

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BooK : The Goose Girl [YA]

Title : The Goose Girl
Author : Shannon Hale
Target Audience : Young Adults
Info : | Powell's Books
Original Story Info : Wiki
Rating :

AudioBook Source : Viprasys forum (have to register)
E-Book Source : Mediafire

I don't hate books... as a matter of fact I could even say that I love em but the problem is I can't find a good enough time or setting for me to actually sit down & savour the feeling of being immerse in reading a good book. I love hearing to the audiobook of this one! Worth the hassle of downloading em I'd say... Not gonna put any review watsoever, you can find that from the linkies above! :D This is for all you retelling-of-fairy-tale lovers out there!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Creativity @ Workz 2 : Let's Make Ketupat!!

Work without break will kill you, trust me on that! If it doesn't kill you physically it'll damage ur brain... Since 'Hari Raya' is just around the corner, most of us if not all r just sooo ready to just ditch our work & celebrate but that's just wishful thinkin' and instead of opting for that... I've decided to make 'sarong ketupat' ... for fun ya know... to deco my cubi (yeah... & neighbours=p) ... I love seeing people get involve in sumthing & actually enjoy doing it... sux doing fun stuff alone :/

Items Needed:
  1. Scissor
  2. A piece of A4 paper (cut into small strips & then glued together..make that 3 - 4 small stripz)
  3. Magic Colors
  4. glue
  5. ...Craziness
  6. ...Creativity (actually... it's not compulsory... heck just draw!)
  7. ...Freetime (or at least I think it's freetime...)
  8. ...Patience... (Where there's a will there's a way...)
  9. ... hard surface? @_@
Too bad I can't show you how it's done coz we're lacking of visual aids here... I kindda forgot to ask someone to take picture, so maybe other times. *sheepish smile* There were quite a number of enthusiastic people involved in this project... Some stayed until the end... some drew and left the premises... & some just took a peak or merely watched for entertainment sake.
Abstract... smiley... animals... cartoon... basically anything we can think of...

The final product of our coconut leaf substitution...

Clockwise from upper left, Yee, Hafiz & me, Joshua, Hairos... and me again!


The Finito Product!

One artistic homemade...or should I say officemade? *chuckle* 'sarong ketupat' weaved! ... & It dint stop there... after lunch hour (I was fasting OK... dun get any funny ideas... =p) , thanks to Soshua & Song See Sung we can weave 'sarong ketupat' easier & faster... this time we use 2 different rolls of colored ribbons... (Light green and White...)

Craft, arts & hobbies can unite people... & include foods in that!

I would like to take this opportunity to say... Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf zahir dan batin... to all my Muslim friends & happy holidays to all the others... :D Peace out peeps!

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Only for the Bored 1: Yearbook Yourself

Mino lookalikes? Yeah... & they're from all over the globe. hehe Should I change my hairdo?

Webby URL: Yearbook Yourself

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creativity @ Workz

Poor lonely white board... well... guess it'll be lonely no more! Markers + some creativity at hand anything can...*poof* be transformed! Welcome to my cubicle! :D Bosan2 babe, melukis la ape lagi... and spread the love to ur neighbors as well... mwuahaha

Welcome to my Cubi...

This is the Original 'Midnight SphinX'

Some of em were innocent & some not...

and now they're tainted... We're lacking yellow here!

Before & After Threshold : Cow Gal / Taurus Gal (Sasmin's Starz*)

Before & After Threshold : Leo Guy (Sairos's Starz*)

Before & After Threshold : Aqua Gal (Miss Song See Sung's Starz*)

The Bear Altar, Made out of IKEA pencil!

& This is BILLY! =D (Ni permainan budak nakal yg name dier Sairos!)

Remember this! Work hard but play harder & sleep even harder! :p

*Note: If you wanna be on the top ur name must begin with an 'S'... =p

Saturday, September 6, 2008


63 words

Monday, September 1, 2008

Word Play 2

Accolade - something granted as a special honour or in recognition of merit, expression of praise

Binaural - having or relating to two ears

Cadaver - corpse, dead body intended for dissection

Ensemble - outfit

Mojo - charm, amulet, talisman

Paraplegic - paralyzed, paralyzed in the lower half of the body

Holophonic Sound...

Most if not all of us have an idea on what Holography stands for. Lets just Wiki/Google that for now... & it haf sumthing to do wif 3D. =3 That's visual 3D for you but in this case we have auditory 3D instead & it's called Holophonic a.k.a holophony a.k.a holophonic sound recording. This is a form of binaural recording ,binaural roughly means it is intended for both ears so the best & most efficient way to really experience it is with a really good headphones! I've uploaded some samples collected from all over the net, dl & enjoy! One thing that bogs me is that I dun really know what's the different between Holophonic & Binaural...

The Virtual Barber - The one that got me started to search for more holophonic sounds

More Holophonic sounds in mp3/wav, enjoy! =D

Download all! - Holophonic Sound Collection (Appx. 99MB)

1 - Wiki - Holophonic

Personal Disclaimer :
All these files do no belong to me & I'm just posting them for info-taining purposes