Sunday, November 23, 2008

AIGP @ Sepang - Grand Finale 2008

Racing? erm... Not interested. I mentally noted. I don't see why many people would wanna watch or bother with things such as racing (Please don't bash me *duck* hehe)... Basically you just see people driving, looping around the same track for gazillionth time and that's it. People who know me know that I like to reason & my list of reasons is full of Maybes. So lemme reason with this to make it more optimistic...
  • Maybe the involvement in such event is for the purpose of entertainment, like when you see action, martial art movies (Jet Lee! Jackie Chan... anything) you'll be really excited & coming out of the cinema feeling like you could take down a whole Yakuza mob by yourself sorta like sumthing that triggers your adrenaline rush. *vroom* *vroom* *Vroooooom*.
  • You like to pose for the camera.
One should Dream BIG!
  • You're one of the Pit crews. (Director/Manager/Race Engineer/Race strategist/Data Engineer/Mechanic/Trucky)
  • You're the official cameraman.
  • You have to follow your friends/spouse/family just to accompany them?
  • You're a photographer or a Paparazzi and you wanna practice panning! (Panning who... I dunno)
  • Maybe you've never been to Sepang & this will be your first time watching a live race.
Yes! I'm Here!
  • Your house is basically next to the Sepang Circuit & the entry is free, you just need to print out the online ticket.
  • You're a clown... who entertains people.
  • You're selling foods & beverages...
  • You know you can get CHEAP foods & CHEAPER at the end of the race!
Look only aaa dun touch!
  • EyeCandy time bebeh! Keep em big and round... you're eyes i mean. (No pun intended)
  • You're just a kid! A cute one for that matter! ^0^
  • You're betting $_$
  • You're a Gaijin chillin' on a Sunday...
  • You are so ready to be deaf... because you can't stand to hear your wife/husband yakking all the time. (If no pls bring an ear muff / ear plug... next time)
  • You're a HOT chick, Race Queen...
  • You're a good fella who loves his/her country and this is just one of those events where could flaunt your patriotism spirit to support your nation! (Malaysia Boleh!!)
  • You're a car freak, and everytime you see rare cars around KL area you'll become a monkey! (metaphorically speaking that is...)
It could haf been nicer from another angle but this is nice too!
  • Basically you would like to do all of the above mentioned plus below, snapz some (make that alot) pictures and later mass uploads that on Picasa, Flickr, Fotopages or Photobucket.
  • You just wanna have a damn good time since it's weekends and you have nothing better to do.
Hold on to your water bottle!
  • Womanizer, woman-womanizer
    You're a womanizer
    Oh, womanizer, oh
    You're a womanizer, baby

    You, you, you are
    You, you, you are
    Womanizer, womanizer
She's so Kawaii! ^^ buwhahaha Korie tgn kat mane tuh? =p

As for me... He urged me to go with him for the sake of photography! Oh well, that caught my interest a bit... what the heck! Sundae Sunday Bazaar can wait for another week or so. My so called "enthusiasm" was shared by Momo. See snippet below... =p

Now lets trudge forward ! ! ! (Some Random Shots of the Malaysian Team!)

FYI Malaysian team is yellow... so lets go to the race circuit and give them a lil bit of lovin'!

Our mistake was to not bring any ear plug, didn't know it's gonna be that earsplitting. Bye Sepang, We'll be seeing you again next year Maybe...

p/s - Thanks to Momo + Korie for some of the photos!

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