Thursday, May 17, 2012

Without Kurayami, There is No Hikari

It's been 3 long years since I last updated this blog? Gosh that's such a long time *cleaning all the spider webs with french maid feather duster* Why? Oh why out of the very blueness of the sky/sea I wanna start writing again? And it's 1:00 am in the morning and in complete darkness other than the 5% source of light coming from her screen monitor. Yes I'm writing in 95% darkness. I should probably write about darkness then. Squinting my eyes to find the right key to press while writing this very sentence... but actually it's not perdy bad yeah, I can practically memorize the keyboard. I'm just brushing up my England really... in darkness.

What about darkness? I think I love it! It's an oxymoron... how can you love darkness? I love the silence in the darkness that if someone were to drop a coin it would echo and you could hear it oh so clearly, it's eery and mysterious at the same time. I think it's crawling all over my body, bit by bit engulfing me and gagging me. I'm talking about darkness there. It's like the bad spiderman, I need to find a bell tower? Or probably someone to talk me out of it. Or maybe God. Every single day, everyone is fighting...fight what? Not solely other people or other groups of people/animal, we're fighting with our inner demons.

They're unabashedly and happily soaking in a king-size jacuzzi inside your head while whispering sweet nothing into your ears while you're in darkness. Darkness here is metaphoric and not literally in darkness, darkness of the heart, darkness of the mind. Congratulation to those who succeeded in draining out the foul water from the jacuzzi and slap their demon silly, you're a frigging strong individual! Ok A little abrupt but that's it, I must sleep. Until later =p May you find the light to your little darkness! Actually let me rephrase that, may I find the light to my darkness... and then you can find yours. Good night!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Humans + Sentiments = Durian ?

Most people tend to hide behind their egoistical mask, inevitably cultivating negative sentiments upon others. On a closer inspection majority of them aren't actually close to being egoistical, they're just verily... shy or just afraid to make a fool out of themselves. I'm not just talking about myself here hehe...

Who doesn't welcome the feeling of acceptance and acknowledgment? Everyone does. What actually hinders them from opening up and totally be themselves is the lack of trust towards others. Afraid that other people won't accept them for who they really are or maybe passing bad judgments on them. Perhaps due to previous involvement or they're just waitin' for the other party to initiate something or maybe they just don't care...

Speaking bout' bad judgments, unwanted grapevines... In truth we can't really run away from all that, moreover prevent it. Whether you choose to stay quiet (& nod once in a while), be the clown & pretty much get involve in everything around you, or plainly ignores everyone.... you just can't escape.

People have their own opinions and you can't do anything bout' that. People have mouth, you can't go on stapling their mouth, that would be downright absurd & impossible (I wouldn't recommend that...ever, please don't do this... I won't be held responsible!!). Even if they don't voice it out, they still thought bout' it. The best thing to do is probably to just ignore... or if you're a good friend / blunt person... just go ahead and confront the other party! =D At least they know. They might hate you for it but surely they will remember what you say and weigh it again afterward when all the REDs are gone.

Some people with scary, unfriendly and demure countenance or presence, when you get to know them, are in fact amicable people and not all of them friendly faces peeps are wat they seem... so go on ahead and make a fool out of yourself (or not...maybe just take the first step), well at least you tried & people with enuff brain cell know that you've at least done ur part to get to know them, the rest is all up to them. Not your fault if they don't like you... you're just being you... (but if alot of people don't like you then, maybe there's a problem... *sweat* unless ur an uber handsome villain >_<>. Opportunity, acquaintances, friends or best friends ... you might find them in the most unlikely places.

Yes... sorry after the long hiatus I'm just back with personal rambles. Well think about it... Just wanna say don't judge a durian by it's cover... the inside is really soft and sweet ya (sometimes...). You never know once you open them, smell and eat them... O_o sounds perdy darn distorted. Well lets disregard the pun and look at the bright side... "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is all I wanna say. =D

Yes I'll be back with updates... soon...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

Event : 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009
Date : 21st March 2009
Venue : Precinct 2, Putrajaya

Been looking forward to this event for quite sometime now and in my mind, I've even fast forwarded the launching date to a week earlier than the actual one. Thank God for Hitz.FM constant reminder on the events date and whereabouts. Yes! It's Saturday... yatta!! Off to Putrajaya to ride Hot Air Balloon!

Went there with Mr. Dino and we arrived at around 8 am, and the place was jampacked with people. Can't blame them coz it was on a weekend, moreover school holidays. My plan to RIDE on one of the Hot Air Balloons came crashing down after I saw the word 'SOLD OUT' on the small white board on the ticketing counter. T_T ~~~~ bohooooo So fast they sold out wei!

According to the announcer the tickets sold out at 7.10 am like that. BUMMER! Guess gotta wait for next year! I heard it was RM 10 per piece. Most people thought with just RM 10 you can like ride em from one point to the next but WRONG... it's just moving up and down and the balloon will be on a leash.... hehe. Seriously... not horizontally... it's vertically.

Below is the itinerary for that Saturday... according to their official website.

0700 - 0745 Arrival of VIP / media / guests

0745 - 0800 Official Launch of 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

0745 - 0815 Balloon area opened to photographers; Photo Op#1

0800 - 0900 Balloon Fun Fly with VIPs

0900 - 1000 Para motor showcase

Children Colouring Contest (aged 7-9), prize: hot air balloon ride with parents

1000 - 1130 Remote Control Flying Aircraft Display

Children Colouring Contest (aged 10-12), prize: hot air balloon ride with parents

1130 - 1200 Paper Airplane Contest

1400 - 1500 Kite Flying Exhibition

1500 - 1630 Remote Control Flying Aircraft Display

1630 - 1730 Para motor showcase

1730 - 1900 Balloon Fun Fly

1745 - 1815 Balloon area opened to photographers; Photo Op#2

2030 - 2100 Night Glow

Snapzaroos of some of the Hot Air Balloons.. I thought I saw a Coke-bottle-shaped balloon on their webby but seen none on that day. In fact quite a number went missing... sesat kot... or maybe that's just in the Philippines. Random snapz of hot air balloons for the official launching... and the afternoon session.

We were at Putrajaya almost the whole day, from morning until the 'Night Glow' event. Initially the plan was to see 'Night Glow' only but it was a last min thingy that we've decided to go early in the morning and while we're at it... why not wait for the night event?

We had our lunch at Alamanda, Putrajaya and followed by a movie... BAD choice of movie!! *cringe*. I feel like literally banging my head on the brick wall. It was vapid, plot less and arghhh!! I actually like Sharifah Amani, and to think that she's stuck in this kind of movie is unforgivable! Her role/acting in Yasmin Ahmad's movies brought out the best in her... well can't blame her for this =/ but I suggest u people out there to just wait for the movie to be aired on TV during the festive season or sumthing... don't waste your moolah!

What movie you say? You wanna know what movie I've chosen? Oh God I can't believe I went to see this movie la... ok la... ok la... sometimes we have to support Malaysian product also la... but please la, if you want people to support Malaysian product, don't just make movie with much make up without substance! I've seen down to earth Malay dramas with more plots, logic and emotions. I don't know much about movie making but I do know that I am one of the many people out there who spend money willingly to go watch GOOD movie with PLOT! Heck, Samuel Rizal's even better in Eiffel I'm in Love. I feel I've been cheated somehow.. Aiyyo... this entry is supposedly about Hot Air Balloon lah! T_T pstt... the movie is Sayang!! You can dance.

I hope you don't mind me make ways for "TalenTime" advert, it's due on 16th March 2009, A movie by Yasmin Ahmad. By the time I publish this entry, this movie will probably have exceeded its launching date. So far with her previous movies... I love her choices of actors, I love their expressions, nice cinematography, the messages that are being conveyed, the jokes are natural & not overboard. Somehow she almost captures and able to relate to the norm of Malaysian... A good movie weaves slowly with their audiences, let them absorb, let them think, let them feel, include them and leave an impression even after the movie ends. I hope this movie is not a disappointment...

...and the trailers :D

Ok back to Hot Air Balloon! We waited 'patiently' for the night's event... and again, the ticket SOLD OUT.. the heck!? Anywayz lets spy on what others were busying themselves with on that day after the morning event... Random shots of people and the stuff around them.

We forgot to bring tripod so pictures aren't that good or clear for that matter. Night Glow happened when they blast the burner into the mouth of the envelope and that's ur night glow! Actually it was quite fun and multitudinous of spectators crammed around the fenced tract. Check it out.

I surfed around for basic info on how hot air balloons actually work and thought I might share the diagram showing the parts of HAB here FYI and for my future ref too =p

Pix + Info from HowStuffWorks

Lets call it a day... :D

As alwayz, credit goes to Mr. Dino for all the pix!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2

"Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2"

Ohoooo it's back people!! Casting..... *drum rolls*

Even though Paul Walker is like the main char for all the previous FF... I'm still looking forward to see Vin Diesel! :x Beefcake! *slurp* =p~~~

I'll let you see the trailer ya!

Go see em ok!

The Official site is HERE! If you're lookign for synopsis go there :p

Monday, March 23, 2009

Photoshop Tutorial : Lomo-fying your Image

Tutorial Source : How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography

Original Pix

Lomo-fied Pix

Tis looks lomo to you? I'm not sure myself... hehe but I like how it turned out... oh well.

Credit goes to our lil' candid model, whoever she was. This was taken at Putrajaya on Saturday during the 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. Post regarding this event will be posted soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where The Heck to get all that stuff?

This is just a re-publication of my previous entry in Friendster!. With a little bit of mod. Any dead links do inform me, sank u.

I’m no wiz with these things & just doin’ it like everybody else… but anywayz I’m just sharing em with ya all! ^^ Where I get, where I download n stuff… I might update the links in future…these are just some of the places I usually hang out…

Animes / TV Series / Movies / Japanese, Korean, bla bla Dorama / MP3


Yups… used to be super fast until streamyx buat hal…. but anywayz so long as there’re Malaysian seeds/peers it’s K i guess…decent speed with all the popular titles like Naruto… Desperate househusband…. (pftt… hahahha) heroes….ans so on. Now where do you get the software n torrents?

I’m currently using 2 kinds… yeah you can say I’m experimenting :p Used to start with just Bittorent! but that’s basic…. So i’m recommending these 2… check them out

  • µTorrent - It’s called that just coz the files are uber small…. :D (Connection setting to '0' = Unlimited dun go hoggin' all the bandwidth :p)

There are others but these 2 usually ranked the highest…you can like make use of the search engine to find the rest :p After installing them… on to the torrents…

  • AnimeSuki - Popular Anime torrent site… I guess most haf heard of it :D but they only have non-licensed ones. So torrents like Naruto r not there.
  • TokyoTosho - My fav place to search for anime torrents!! and ugh… *cough* hentai *cough* (Other: Dorama,Manga, Raws = Unscanlated, unsubbed, undubbed stuff... )

Movies/TV series

  • Mini Nova - They don’t just have movies/Tv series here…lotssa other stuff including anime (though not that much), books, games, music, softwares…

  • EZTV - This is where you get ur Heroes series! lol and a buch of others… there’s no way the torrents here r fake… just to be safe from Mini Nova :p


  • D-Addicts - Hmm I think u gotta register first to download… won’t take long, they have soft subs, hard subs…

Direct Downloads / Streaming

When you gotta watch it you gotta watch it… second option fer ya…


  • - this works uber fast fer me… :D well at least for the latest series that is… they haf quite alot of em them… check them out! Now it seems that maybe you have to register. Their previous name was Misha Distrocity. Actually there r alot of direct download sites out there… it’s a matter of finding which one offer a decent enuff speed for us to leech from :p.. or you can go to this site and find the links… Anime Field

Movies / TV series

Well actually I dun really know where to direct download TV series / Movies… If you know do tell! Ask Mr Google fer moar :p


  • Silent Regrets - They have Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese Dorama & Movies!
  • Idols-Unlimited - They have everything like the above …lol at the time I’m writting this…the website somehow isn’t there… O_o … but err maybe check back later ya… :p


ho ho ho… I lurv MIRC love em!! started with just chatting then…. DL DL DL mwuahaha *ehem*

Ok for the Client… Me use SysReset, Go and download the SysReset Full Installation pack and ugh u dun need the ori mirc client if u download this… and u can start downloading!!

  • Run ur SysReset
  • Connect to IRCHighway
  • Register your nick first with this /msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword
Join #Lurk(this is where i usually lepak for mangas) or…if u wanna join other channel u can type /list and u can see all the channels available for that server… go to their website for packlist or u can search for the manga title there! :D

XDCCing - Let you search for xdcc files…and downlaod em…

For tutorial on how to download with MIRC go HERE!


Clubbox ni hanya leh dipakai di IE jek for now…mozilla tak leh rase nye. I’m just gonna direct you to a tutorial site… that will teach you everything from registering, installing to using the clubbox! Clubbox is in korean…so this tutorial will help guide you through everything :D Here’s the link…. or links…

A - Happyroach tutorial on Soompi - I learnt from this site… you haf to register first to view the tutorial alrite! :D

B - Info on Clubbox at D-Addicts - Check it out…

C - Additional Info at Wendy’s Clubbox tutorial


Will list out some of the popular forums where you can get almost anything there... movies, mp3, softwares, wallpapers, ebooks, AudioBooks, tutorials, programming codes, useful informations... Most of these forums you have to register first before ur allowed to download stuff.