Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BooK : The Goose Girl [YA]

Title : The Goose Girl
Author : Shannon Hale
Target Audience : Young Adults
Info : | Powell's Books
Original Story Info : Wiki
Rating :

AudioBook Source : Viprasys forum (have to register)
E-Book Source : Mediafire

I don't hate books... as a matter of fact I could even say that I love em but the problem is I can't find a good enough time or setting for me to actually sit down & savour the feeling of being immerse in reading a good book. I love hearing to the audiobook of this one! Worth the hassle of downloading em I'd say... Not gonna put any review watsoever, you can find that from the linkies above! :D This is for all you retelling-of-fairy-tale lovers out there!