Saturday, November 22, 2008

BooK : Fairest [YA]

: Fairest
Author : Gail Carson Levine [Wiki | Harper Collins Children's]
Target Audience : Young Adults
Info : | | Wiki
Based on : Snow White [Wiki]
Rating :

Sorry to disappoint you but I couldn't find neither e-book nor audiobook for this title which drove me mad & alas I have to order from Kinokuniya & waited half a month to finally flip the pages. The ending is kinda happily ever after but not the usual kind that you'll expect. True... external beauty is ephemeral, short-lived, skin deep... beauty differs for everyone, as the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", how very true that is even for me....& the prince o_O woops. Anywayz, this book is not bad, I would even say it's a good read & I got to know more bout Western European women's clothing. =p

You might wonder why the heck is she always reading all these books meant for teen/young adults bla bla... well I love fairy tales and reading em makes me happy! ^^ & I'm a kid at heartz!

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