Monday, September 1, 2008

Holophonic Sound...

Most if not all of us have an idea on what Holography stands for. Lets just Wiki/Google that for now... & it haf sumthing to do wif 3D. =3 That's visual 3D for you but in this case we have auditory 3D instead & it's called Holophonic a.k.a holophony a.k.a holophonic sound recording. This is a form of binaural recording ,binaural roughly means it is intended for both ears so the best & most efficient way to really experience it is with a really good headphones! I've uploaded some samples collected from all over the net, dl & enjoy! One thing that bogs me is that I dun really know what's the different between Holophonic & Binaural...

The Virtual Barber - The one that got me started to search for more holophonic sounds

More Holophonic sounds in mp3/wav, enjoy! =D

Download all! - Holophonic Sound Collection (Appx. 99MB)

1 - Wiki - Holophonic

Personal Disclaimer :
All these files do no belong to me & I'm just posting them for info-taining purposes

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