Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nuffnang vs. Advertlets vs. Adsense (Wohoo! Nuffnang status back to Glitterati.)

My hands itches to go and cramp my blogspot with Advertlets & Adsense... =_= without properly reading the terms & conds / faq of Nuffnang prior to adding them. Nuffnang crawler was most apt for being able to detect my 12 hours fling with advertlets. Added them in the morning & quickly brought them down in the evening after a brief explaination from a friend. It seems that the crawler crawls within 48 hours or so... automatically to check the status of ur webbies/bloggies and check whether you have any other competitors from South East Asia. If you do then ur back to being a 'non-exclusive' member, without the extra benefits & long queue. Why should your membership status be Glitterati? <-- Yes read that peeps

Nuffnang + Advertlets = Not advisable!
Nuffnang + Adsense = Happy Family!
Advertlets + Adsense = Please Update! hehe

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