Sunday, July 20, 2008

A tripz to "Hutan Lipur Sungai Chongkak"

Adventure once in a while is what i need in this bleak life of mine, if it's my heart talking... I wanna do this every freakin' weekend!! It was really a back to nature trip, just what my body needed. The flowing water was cold... initially though, you gotta slowly let your body get use to the chilliness. It was heavenly just lying there in the river, basking ur tired body amidst the tranquil surrounding of nature and let everything else fades away. At that moment I really felt that I was actualy one with nature... cliche I know... *snickers* ... but it's the truth. We should really preserve these kind of places for the sake of keeping our sanity unscathed ... and of course for our future generations =p won't want them to miss out on this. Wish i had a good nuf camera to really immortalize (try Babylon for ur one/two click[s] of instant synonyms... hohoho) the breathtaking awesomeness of mother nature.

The week-long plan of picnicking at Sg Congkak eventually commenced. We started our journey quite early with Mahadi-boy bringin' his BBQ set, Ash with her... erm high heels *ROFL* (and she got a nice lil' bitchin' from me... pakai high heels lagi! Ko ingat KLCC ke hehehe. Anyway she did get herself a yellow slipper from one of the road side stalls), Dino with IKEA plastic bag... can't remember wat was inside em thou & me taking pictures! (I did help out later you know... I'm multitasking...). And in the other car we have Momo, Korie, Juju & her sis, Eni with all the edible stuff ... =p~~. Momo been here before & thus brought us to her almost exact previous spot of picnicking... or was it the exact spot? Anywayz... with all the BBQ sets, foodz, ice, tent... bla bla bla off we walked hand in hand... slash that... hands full with stuff, we sorta climbed our way to the destination.

Finally target reached... Yeah, as u can see everyone's laying out all their stuff & waiting for the master chef a.k.a Mahadi to start the fire & grillz. We were a bunch of hungry wolves, thank God for Korie/Momo's fried rice and noodle, served as our breakfast. Me & Mr. Dino also bought us a tent from Tekso... Tesco... (my previous landlady alwayz mispronounce Tesco as Tekso...), around RM30-40 IMSMR. Is it worth it? It's cheaper than the usual price i'd usually saw. Doesn't matter, so long as we have a secure, safe place for us to change our clothes & maybe haf a lil' shuteyez... secure & safe from rain if ever they decided to visit the earth. It actually started to drizzle a bit at around 4-5 pm unfortunately.

I felt like I was in a jacuzzi, with the strong current of water slapping incessantly against my back. Natural way to massage ur whole body... well for me it felt good even afterward but I dunno bout 'that guy' =p though... his 'afterward' seems to be gettin' a lil' too much for Monday morning, achin' all over it seems. *pft* So much for the phrase 'tulang besi urat dawai' *ROFL-ing like crazy* .

Well dun wanna be talkin' much bout this trip for now or else I won't stop with all the literature embroidering...

All in all we had fun & enjoying each other's company, putting aside work... stress... and merely let ourselves be comforted & lulled into a dream-like state of utter bliss. Owh... after all of this is over we kindda indulged our tastebuds with the King of Fruits & some mangostein, even though the former was perdy expensive IMHO... but that didn't stop us from buying em . =p

I'd haf to say thanks to Momo & Korie for organizing this trip. My only C & C or more like selfish demand is to organize it MORE OFTEN! (^o^)

Let see.. let this be the first backtracking post for my unrecorded life events and unlabeled bunch of photos in picasa... If I'm not bein' such a lazy azz that is, which is quit seldom...

Info on Sg Chongkak