Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creativity @ Workz

Poor lonely white board... well... guess it'll be lonely no more! Markers + some creativity at hand anything can...*poof* be transformed! Welcome to my cubicle! :D Bosan2 babe, melukis la ape lagi... and spread the love to ur neighbors as well... mwuahaha

Welcome to my Cubi...

This is the Original 'Midnight SphinX'

Some of em were innocent & some not...

and now they're tainted... We're lacking yellow here!

Before & After Threshold : Cow Gal / Taurus Gal (Sasmin's Starz*)

Before & After Threshold : Leo Guy (Sairos's Starz*)

Before & After Threshold : Aqua Gal (Miss Song See Sung's Starz*)

The Bear Altar, Made out of IKEA pencil!

& This is BILLY! =D (Ni permainan budak nakal yg name dier Sairos!)

Remember this! Work hard but play harder & sleep even harder! :p

*Note: If you wanna be on the top ur name must begin with an 'S'... =p

2 Angel Kisses:

Miss aiza said...

*Note: If you wanna be on the top ur name must begin with an 'S'... =p

Answers :
3."Susahnakeja" -->pelakon now DO dah kot
4.Susah dahulu senang kemudian
5. Shit.....

Mino-Chan said...

Sume yg tinggi2 kat satyam tuh name setat ngan 'S' jek :p tu ler pesal