Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kewl Find # BookXcess (read more for less)

Initial purpose of going to AmCorp Mall is to accompany Mr Dino to the Sony Centre Warehouse Clearance. Since it's the last day, all the good apples have been eaten & we're left with the leftover skins and the accompanying Mr. wormies. Well anywayz... that's not the point here! I'm here to kepochi bout' an interesting place I accidentaly discovered while I'm roaming around with my fiance! I couldn't believe my eyes! Excitement meter gone up from 4 bars (meaning partialy excited) to almost 9-10 bars (uber excited... like I can't believe it's butter!). I can't believe places like this ever exist here in KL, first hand books with prices that make you say "Biar betik" or "You gotta be kidding me" or "arghhhhh" or just make your mouth drop with utter disbelieve, your eyes dilate & fill with exhilaration & you just feel like bouncing all over the place... metaphorically speaking that is. hehe. I'm so excited my eyelashes fell down (not that I'm wearing any fake eyelashes... ). I present to you . . . .

read more for less

Check out their website for the prices on books & what books are avail at the moment. Not the latest you could find but who cares! :p Not the latest but they've got quite a selection. Who gonna give you brand spanking NEW books for cheap these days? Give em a try!

p/s - AmCorp mall is also famous for it's flea market every Saturday & Sunday! That's another story

Webby : BookXcess
Location : L3-57, Amcorp Mall

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