Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where The Heck to get all that stuff?

This is just a re-publication of my previous entry in Friendster!. With a little bit of mod. Any dead links do inform me, sank u.

I’m no wiz with these things & just doin’ it like everybody else… but anywayz I’m just sharing em with ya all! ^^ Where I get, where I download n stuff… I might update the links in future…these are just some of the places I usually hang out…

Animes / TV Series / Movies / Japanese, Korean, bla bla Dorama / MP3


Yups… used to be super fast until streamyx buat hal…. but anywayz so long as there’re Malaysian seeds/peers it’s K i guess…decent speed with all the popular titles like Naruto… Desperate househusband…. (pftt… hahahha) heroes….ans so on. Now where do you get the software n torrents?

I’m currently using 2 kinds… yeah you can say I’m experimenting :p Used to start with just Bittorent! but that’s basic…. So i’m recommending these 2… check them out

  • µTorrent - It’s called that just coz the files are uber small…. :D (Connection setting to '0' = Unlimited dun go hoggin' all the bandwidth :p)

There are others but these 2 usually ranked the highest…you can like make use of the search engine to find the rest :p After installing them… on to the torrents…

  • AnimeSuki - Popular Anime torrent site… I guess most haf heard of it :D but they only have non-licensed ones. So torrents like Naruto r not there.
  • TokyoTosho - My fav place to search for anime torrents!! and ugh… *cough* hentai *cough* (Other: Dorama,Manga, Raws = Unscanlated, unsubbed, undubbed stuff... )

Movies/TV series

  • Mini Nova - They don’t just have movies/Tv series here…lotssa other stuff including anime (though not that much), books, games, music, softwares…

  • EZTV - This is where you get ur Heroes series! lol and a buch of others… there’s no way the torrents here r fake… just to be safe from Mini Nova :p


  • D-Addicts - Hmm I think u gotta register first to download… won’t take long, they have soft subs, hard subs…

Direct Downloads / Streaming

When you gotta watch it you gotta watch it… second option fer ya…


  • - this works uber fast fer me… :D well at least for the latest series that is… they haf quite alot of em them… check them out! Now it seems that maybe you have to register. Their previous name was Misha Distrocity. Actually there r alot of direct download sites out there… it’s a matter of finding which one offer a decent enuff speed for us to leech from :p.. or you can go to this site and find the links… Anime Field

Movies / TV series

Well actually I dun really know where to direct download TV series / Movies… If you know do tell! Ask Mr Google fer moar :p


  • Silent Regrets - They have Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese Dorama & Movies!
  • Idols-Unlimited - They have everything like the above …lol at the time I’m writting this…the website somehow isn’t there… O_o … but err maybe check back later ya… :p


ho ho ho… I lurv MIRC love em!! started with just chatting then…. DL DL DL mwuahaha *ehem*

Ok for the Client… Me use SysReset, Go and download the SysReset Full Installation pack and ugh u dun need the ori mirc client if u download this… and u can start downloading!!

  • Run ur SysReset
  • Connect to IRCHighway
  • Register your nick first with this /msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword
Join #Lurk(this is where i usually lepak for mangas) or…if u wanna join other channel u can type /list and u can see all the channels available for that server… go to their website for packlist or u can search for the manga title there! :D

XDCCing - Let you search for xdcc files…and downlaod em…

For tutorial on how to download with MIRC go HERE!


Clubbox ni hanya leh dipakai di IE jek for now…mozilla tak leh rase nye. I’m just gonna direct you to a tutorial site… that will teach you everything from registering, installing to using the clubbox! Clubbox is in korean…so this tutorial will help guide you through everything :D Here’s the link…. or links…

A - Happyroach tutorial on Soompi - I learnt from this site… you haf to register first to view the tutorial alrite! :D

B - Info on Clubbox at D-Addicts - Check it out…

C - Additional Info at Wendy’s Clubbox tutorial


Will list out some of the popular forums where you can get almost anything there... movies, mp3, softwares, wallpapers, ebooks, AudioBooks, tutorials, programming codes, useful informations... Most of these forums you have to register first before ur allowed to download stuff.

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