Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Major Events & Festivals 2009

No money but still wan entertainment, No entertainment I'll die! So anywayz, recently I went to Central Market to survey for wedding favours (Yes, it's gonna be soon... you'll just have to wait and see =D). Lotssa unique stuff there, I love going to central market even though they marked up some (if not all...) of the prices but still that area is where most of the nifty stuff dwells. If you have no intention of buying you might wanna go there to fish for ideas and maybe get yourself a sample or two. Ok, back to the real reason why I initiated this post in the first place... Take a look see below, you might be interested urself =3 Will keep on adding other events here in future... I got this from CM's information counter, just wanna share.

Thanks to Mr. Dino for scanning :x

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