Sunday, August 10, 2008

Word Play 1

I like to learn new words... 'like' is actually an understatement, I'm obsess with learning new words & here I would like to share em & as a reminder to myself in the days to come...

Rather than manually flippin' through the Oxford Mr. Dic, made my life a bit easier with the Google 'define:' function & currently trying my hands on babylon... nifty lil' software to easily help you search for the meaning of words from various offline/online dictionary... you can even dl additional dictionary!

Words of the day peeps... (yeah... i defined...and babylon-ed)

Palanquin - type of carriage made of an enclosed seat carried on poles (used formerly in India and other Eastern countries to carry important people), litter

Apothecary - pharmacist, druggist

Well that's all for today...

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