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Cameron Highlands 2008... End of Da Year Tripz [Day 1]

Date: 27th - 28th December 2008
Destination : Cameron Highlands
Participants : Me, Mr Dino, Mo-Chin, Korie, Ash, Ana, Madi-Boy, Kei, Ayop
No of Cars : 3
No of Cameras : 5

This is kind of a carefully planned trip (or is it? =p haha) , the only thing I'm... or we looked forward to all December... actually make that all December and half November. I am so ready to pack my bags and just relax n haf fun. Can't actually remember the last time I went to Cameron Highlands but what I know that it was with both mom and dad and my late grandma. It was a long time ago, maybe when I was just a lass bout 4 or so. Planning something is not easy I tell ya, especially when there are many people involve (many equals to > 3) but can't really put the blame on anyone on this coz that's one of the "beauties" of going on a vacation in group!

I kindda did a reserach on places to visit and studied the route based on the maps I found on the WWW. The more I research the more I think 2 days is merely not enuff to cover most of the interesting places there. I think if you really wanna take your time and savor the feel of being at CH and cover most of the places, give it bout 4-5 days. =D Definitely well rested after you came back (Mentally that is).

I suggest getting urself an updated map with all the recent highlights on places to visit in Cameron Highlands. I got mine at CH's petronas station for RM 4. Below is not exactly the map though, this one i got from the internet :D I'll scan them later if not bz

Cameron Highlands map snatched from the internetCameron Highlands Map

The time is just approximately:

27 December 2008 (Saturday)
Location : Still in Selangor (from Ampang)
Purpose : Gathering at starting point
Time : 8.00 am

8 am isn't exactly the initial time planned for us to depart (it was actually 4 am :p lol gilo). Breakfast was the 'big D' and off we go to Cameron following the route of 'Simpang Pulai' (it's the new way and less winding... i think) but not without prior picture snapping.

Sunrise at 8 am
Cameraman @ Work : Mr. Dino
Mo Chin's ready to roll
Cameraman @ Work : Korie
Cameraman @ Work : Ayoppan
Ash tgh kejar kereta... tinggalkan dia hua hua
Location : Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands
Time : 11.00 am

Not bad... 3 hours journey or was it the drivers? =p

Location : Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Purpose : Lunch ^0^
Time : 12.00 am

Weee Tanah Rata! ^^ If ever anyone said they got lost at Cameron Highlands (direction wise) they're bluffing unless they drove in their 4wd and ventured into the forest or sumthing.

Kiteorg dah sampai Tanah Rata dah! Cepat la sket Kei...
Jom jalan2 cari makan
By this time we were all starving & time to hunt fer some FOODs!! Well initially the plan was to eat at this one shop called T-Cafe which got perdy good reviews on the internet but as we were approaching T-Cafe, the sign 'Full House' sat neatly on a wooden chair placed on their staircase... bummer! The shop itself is kindda secluded but that didn't stop people from coming. =D (it's just beside MarryBrown, second floor)

T-Cafe is close!! T_T
Since that was the case we aimlessly marched forth in search for other place to have our lunch. Inadvertently while walking we stumbled on one cafe which seems decent enough, Vintage Cafe's the name. We gave em a try *wink*

Duta Vintage Cafe tadaa
All the Ladies
All the GentlemenDarn Mr. Dino DSLR pic's missing T_T had to settle with cyber-shot

Yeah ... ok guys enuff with the kodak moment thingy, lets order! Starving already! If I'm not mistaken, damage overall was approx. RM 120 (around RM 15 per person). Someone even went for a second round... not bad huh?
Their hot lemon tea is so good it's only natural that I ordered a second serving.

This hot lemon tea is to die for! Yummylicious!Moments like this should be captured even though however hard we tried to make it last, it will eventually fades away and new ones will transpire... be it happy or sad. I can look back and travel down this memory lanes and tell to myself that these were the people who matters in my life, who inspired me, accepted me for who I am, willing to spend time getting to know each other, they are beautifully flawed, they are real people... they are true to themselves... they are not afraid to show who they really are... these are the people that I admire most, they are my sisters, brothers & my best friends...

Location : still in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Time : 1.50 pm

We were supposed to check in our apartment by this time but was hindered by a minor prob... apartment wasn't ready yet at that time, so we've decided to go to...

Control macho hn hn
The apartment is where again?We're not lost, mind you... that was our landlady & her man & their lil kid in the car :p

Location : Cameron Valley Tea - Bharat Plantations, somewhere between Habu (Ringlet) and Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Purpose : Take pictures & enjoying the view
Time : 2.10 pm (just a few mins drive from our rented apartment)

Woot! We're gonna be witnessing a helluva scene here! Vast and all around ya is green... green... green... and more green... a sight for sore eyes.

Bharat Tea Plantations Scenery
Bharat Tea Plantations Scenery
Bharat Tea Plantations Scenery
Time for some Bollywood actions... we practically dived headfirst into the tea plantations, playing our part as tourist. =p Climbing back to the top was a pain in the a#@ but I managed somehow lol, it was good exercise... I basically ran to the top coz we were having some sort of a race on who could reach the top first hehe. In the end I forgot who won... Heart rate increased, and sweating so much I can fried an egg with em.

Attack of the Red Hoodie Dude!
BollyWood snapz
Couples Pix
Friends Pix
Cameramen and woman of the year! :p
Byeee!! Bharat Tea Plantations!!Yeap... We'll be back alrite... maybe next time is with our kids or grandchildren :p Time to say good bye! Bye 'Bharat Tea Plantations'!!

Location : Heritage Apartment at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Purpose : Check in Apartment & freshen up before next activity
Time : 4.30 pm

Actually we booked an apartment under Jurina Hill Lodge but since it was all fully booked (peak season maa) we were given an apartment at Heritage Apartment...or was it hotel =/. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, TV, radio and a small place for BBQ (all for RM 350, approx. RM 40 each for 9 people. Bear in mind that it was peak season).

View from apartment's balcony
3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a TV, a radio, sofa set & mahogany dining table
Location : Brinchang Night Market at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Purpose : Main purpose is to stock up on vegies for BBQ later on & it doesn't hurt to window shop and probably hunt for other stuff while we're at it.
Time : 5.15 pm

You can find lotssa stuff here at the Night Market from food stuff, clothing, plants, toys and even entertainment (Ferris wheel =D).

Didn't try this but I did tried the Strawberry Juice =3
Starberry Juice is 'Okla'
This one you must try :D
Jagung Bakar
Cameron Highlands is like heaven for Vegans! Vegies are uber cheap!

Bought one bottle of pure honey for my dad ^^... and just before we leave, I bought myself a deck of UNO cards... =p Somethin' trivial like that can actually make peeps happy! We actually stayed up until bout 1- 2 pm playing UNO!!

Location : Ye Olde Smokehouse at Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Purpose : Take pictures & enjoying the view
Time : 7.00 pm

Location : Heritage Apartment at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
Purpose : BBQ for Dinner! & call it a day
Time : 8.30 pm

Foods!! =p~~That basically wrapped up day 1 activities!

to be cont...

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