Thursday, May 17, 2012

Without Kurayami, There is No Hikari

It's been 3 long years since I last updated this blog? Gosh that's such a long time *cleaning all the spider webs with french maid feather duster* Why? Oh why out of the very blueness of the sky/sea I wanna start writing again? And it's 1:00 am in the morning and in complete darkness other than the 5% source of light coming from her screen monitor. Yes I'm writing in 95% darkness. I should probably write about darkness then. Squinting my eyes to find the right key to press while writing this very sentence... but actually it's not perdy bad yeah, I can practically memorize the keyboard. I'm just brushing up my England really... in darkness.

What about darkness? I think I love it! It's an oxymoron... how can you love darkness? I love the silence in the darkness that if someone were to drop a coin it would echo and you could hear it oh so clearly, it's eery and mysterious at the same time. I think it's crawling all over my body, bit by bit engulfing me and gagging me. I'm talking about darkness there. It's like the bad spiderman, I need to find a bell tower? Or probably someone to talk me out of it. Or maybe God. Every single day, everyone is fighting...fight what? Not solely other people or other groups of people/animal, we're fighting with our inner demons.

They're unabashedly and happily soaking in a king-size jacuzzi inside your head while whispering sweet nothing into your ears while you're in darkness. Darkness here is metaphoric and not literally in darkness, darkness of the heart, darkness of the mind. Congratulation to those who succeeded in draining out the foul water from the jacuzzi and slap their demon silly, you're a frigging strong individual! Ok A little abrupt but that's it, I must sleep. Until later =p May you find the light to your little darkness! Actually let me rephrase that, may I find the light to my darkness... and then you can find yours. Good night!

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